Windows 7 not booting when secondary HDD is installed.

This first occurred yesterday and quickly became a cluster crap for my last two days. Basically what happened was I was using my computer, i left the room and made supper, came back to it about two hours later to find it running slowly. I decided to reboot but the computer got hung up on the Windows is loading splash screen. I went to my old house and got my windows 7 ultimate dvd thinking i may need a system restore. but even booting from the disk got me hung up on the same screen. Much more booting, memory testing, web searching and profanity uttering ensued while i tried to figure out my my one month old computer had decided to lay a mud monkey on my face. Until i came across an apparent reason.

For whatever its worth, whenever my secondary hard drive is connected I get this bizarre error. If I disconnect my secondary it will boot up just fine but if i connect it (pre boot) i get frozen on the splash screen.

I would just format the hard drive and re-install everything but I cant access it if its disconnected and i cant access my computer with it plugged in. I'd rather now format and re install but it may be the only way to fix this unless its a bios boot priority error.

Any suggestions would be very welcome,

Current computer build:
Asus Sabertooth z77 1155
Intel i5 3570k
8gb corsaire vengeance ram
128 gb OCZ SSD boot drive
1 tb WD caviar black secondary (the troublemaker)
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  1. do you have a external box so you could plug in the secondary drive boot the system and try to connect it in a usb port and if the system stop drive is defective
  2. It is very likely that your 1 TB Black (your secondary) has developed a serious fault. During boot-up as the BIOS checks all the hardware for proper function, it is getting constant errors from that unit and can't get past them to complete the boot process.

    If there is data on it you need to recover, it will take some fiddling around. You could do as scout_03 suggests and mount it in an external enclosure, then connect it after booting and try to run diagnostics, data recovery, or whatever. You might also get away with booting while it is mounted internally but not connected, and then plugging in its data cable AFTER the machine is running.

    However, if you don't need anything it contains, consider carefully whether you want to spend time investigating, or just toss it and buy a new one.,
  3. I hear what youre saying im just disappointed because 1- its a month old and 2- its a Western digital caviar black which are supposed to be a quality drive. ill have to check my recepts to see if im still in RMA range or if i have to deal with customer service :(
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