Tyan S7002 will not display.

Hello,I have a Tyan 27002G2NR-LE mother board that I have just installed in a Antec Lanboy Air case. When I power it up, the monitor remains blank. I have 2 Intel Xeon E5520 processors installed, no ram installed (yet), a Kingwin LZG-1000 power supply (1000 watts), an HP 2509m monitor (in VGA mode), an HP keyboard and a Logitech roller ball mouse. When I first power it up, I get post code 04, indicating possible problems with the CMOS. I have no sound installed so I do not get any beep codes. I have reset the CMOS several times and have tried removing the CMOS battery and reinstalling it to no avail. If I cycle the power after it gets to the 04 post code, it comes up with a 01 post code but the monitor remains blank. If I thin hit the rest button, it comes up with a 00 post code, but the monitor still remains blank. I tried using a MaxTech monitor with no change. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to what the problem may be? (Does it have to have RAM installed for the monitor to work?) I am assuming that since I CAN get to post code 00, there is little likelihood the mother board is damaged. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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  1. It definitely won't work if RAM is not installed.
  2. GhislainG said:
    It definitely won't work if RAM is not installed.
    That took care of it. Thanks for the help.
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