Help a noob with crossfire?


im new to the whole crossfire build is an AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2 ghz cpu, 4gb 1600 mhz Ram, Asus M4A78T-E mobo, with a gtx 260 vid card...mobo does support xfire..the 260 is a place holder (got it for 25 bucks from a friend who upgraded)

im thinking about getting w XFX Radeon 5770's ( and i just had a question that didnt seem to be answered by a forum search

Do i need a Crossfire interconnect?

the chart everyone has been linking says its a Recommended Combo / Internal ATI CrossfireX im really quite lost...

Thx for the help :P


i have a 1k watt power isnt a problem
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  1. browsers built in spell check maybe...idk

    with my mobo you cant sli..its got an amd 790gx chip only supports crossfire

    the chart
  2. Unless things have changed in the last month, the 5770s from xfx don't come with the xfire interconnect cable. As to whether or not you absolutely need one, I'd imagine you do but I could be wrong. When you buy your cards, create a support ticket with xfx and they'll mail one out to you for free the next day. Took me 2 business days to get mine.
  3. If your mobo supports communication between PCI-e slots then you won't need a CF bridge.

    Hey zipzoom, you could be a little nicer, I'm guessing the r is capitalized because he copy and pasted it.
  4. recommended, Recommended.
    Doesn't light up red, probably because the spelling is correct, just not the grammar or capitalization.
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