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I have a HD5850 and an onboard 4290, the reason i bought this mobo (Asus 890GX) is so I can eventually crossfire two 5850's and use the 4290 as a dedicated Physx chip / hybrid, can anyone school me on how I do this?
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  1. there are driver hacks for physx working with radeon. Thanks for your wise feedback. I am looking for someone who has already done this.
  2. I have a 5850 and no i haven't tried this.
    Don't know if this will help but might give you some insight.
  3. There are no driver hacks for getting PhysX to be accelerated by ATI graphics cards.
    I don't think anyone has already done this, you can't hybrid CF the 4290 with the 5850 , you can't run PhysX on the 4290, you only thing you can really do is use it for an extra display.
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