Non-gaming PC, possible video editing, budget $1500-$2000


BUDGET RANGE: $1500-$2000 (flexible.... depends on the QUALITY of what i am getting)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: 1) Video editing, 2) Watching movies, 3) Music, 4) Photoshop, 5) Word processing, internet, etc. 6) Light gaming

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: speakers (logitech z-2300), arctic silver 5, NEC DVD-RW from old build



PARTS PREFERENCES: No brand preferences, but want high quality. Monitor 24" IPS

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe? (is it worth it?)


MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 or 1920x1200

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: MUST BE QUIET... at the moment the PC is in my room and I never took noise into account before... drives me nuts. I also want this to be extremely fast.. I shouldn't need a great video card, so should be able to buy nicer equipment. The biggest questions I have are that I wonder if I need the mobo and chip I am looking to buy. I really do want USB 3.0 capability as well as SATA 6. Also, do I need 6 gigs of ram? I just feel I am overkill for my needs. Also is there any need/benefit for me to OC? I feel like blu-ray is unnecessary at this time.


Case: Antec Three Hundred vs. Cooler Master CM 690 II (non-advanced) ($60 or $70)

CPU: i7-930 ($199 + tax)

Heatsink/Fan: unsure.. thinking scythe mugen 2 rev-b vs sticking with stock ($44) (MUST BE QUIET... totally open to suggestions)

PSU: Corsair CMPSU-650TX ($92)

Motherboard: ASUS P6X58D-E ($240)

Memory: Crucial 6gb CT3KIT25664BA1339 ($144) or Corsari XMS3 TR3X6G1600C8 ($165), open to other suggestions

SSD: crucial realssd 64gb CTFDDAC064MAG-1G1 $160... thought about 50gb ocz vertex 2, but felt that the read ability and sata 6 would be better for a boot drive for about 20-30 dollars cheaper and 14 more gigs of space

HD: Western Digital 1TB SATA 6 WD1002FAEX ($95)

Video Card: This is where I am really confused, I was thinking about a 5770 MSI Hawk for $180, but that seems way overkill... any suggestions? I like the ATI 5000 series, but am totally open. Again, it needs to be quiet.

Sound Card: onboard

Optical Drive: My old NEC DVDRW($0)

Keyboard: Logitech illuminated keyboard ($70) --> I know it seems overkill, but my old keyboard was terribly uncomfortable

Mouse: Logitech Performance Mouse MX ($80) + mouse pad --> also seems overkill

Speakers: Logitech Z-2300 ($0)

Monitor: Unsure of whether the IPS is worth it, but the best one for my budget is likely the HP ZR24w for $400... Even considering the 28" Hanns G monitors.

OS: Windows 7 Pro from Ultimate Steal with disc ($43)

My overall impression is that I am way overspending for my needs. I do however want this to be somewhat future proof? I guess it coems down to whether I need to OC or not.
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  1. Seems as if the cheaper samsung f3 may be a better buy ($75) than the caviar black
  2. Could a sapphire vapor-x 5750 be better for my needs ($155) from amazon. Sorry for the multiple posts.
  3. Hi,

    Nice start for the build...

    As for the suggestions about the components,
    1. Mobo - The ASUS is a very good choice...but the main drawback is that it doesnt have eSATA...
    Here is an another option -
    MSI X58A-GD65
    Though the board is pretty new, but MSI these days are coming up with very good components...

    RAM - Crucial is good enough and can overclocked to that Corsair's speed too without any issues...But if you still want speed, then these...

    CASE - IMO the CM 690 would be better...get this BLack one instead...

    And a good combo of the PSU and HDD...

    Video card - If really NO gaming, then this would be a good option...
    ATI 100-505606 FirePro V4800 1GB GDDR5

    Keyboard + Mouse -
    But this price will expire till today...

    Monitor - If you want a cheaper yet good Monitor -
    Dell Ultrasharp IPS panel 21.5" 1080p
  4. No gaming build @ $703AR Also if apps dun take advantage of GPU acceleration then config is sweet as is else a professional class GPU could be the best gains for your $$

    If like me u think paying for a SLI/CF crazy $2xx mobo for a non gaming build is silly then u are welcomed :P
  5. ^ Well even though the 1055T is a good CPU, but if you factor in the stock speeds and overclocking headroom, IMO the i7 9xx for the price OP is getting is well worth it...
    Or the 1090T is a better option...

    Also the X58 with Tri-Channel slots, would offer more bandwidth as well as allows for more RAM...
    And many people like me, still feel that spending more to get the extra bit of performance and higher components quality is warranted... ;)
  6. Well 1090T if a lazy OCer and/or if one has value/non premium RAMs would be a better option but despite being a locked multi chip 1055T/1090T max out the same for the most part so the premium paid is not worth it IMO ^^
  7. ^ Those are pretty good results...but results do vary from chip to chip though...
  8. Appreciate all of the input. The post makes me think about why I am spending nearly $600-800 more for components that I may not need. That being said, I do believe I would be getting value for the products I have chosen.

    It seems like everyone loves the G. Skill ripjaws (have seen less about the crucial ballistix, although I know they are also amazing). My only question is whether the scythe mugen-2 (if I go with my original plan) will fit with those heatspreaders. Also, would you pick the ripjaws over the corsair or crucial?

    Also, I do plan on doing some gaming, but this is just not meant to be a huge gaming rig. I think I do now have a lot to think about!

    Thanks again, appreciate the input.
  9. Batuchka, appreciate your input. Question though... Would the i7-930 for around the same price as the 1055 be a better buy? Or is it that any mobo I would need to get for that processor would be insanely expensive. I just don't see how I can justify >$200 for the mobo for a nongaming rig.

    Also, I notice you chose the mushin SSD over crucials... any specific reason why? Finally, are both the case and heatsink/fan combo quiet? This is really important to me.
    Finally, finally. How would your $700 build stack up to the original build in performance and longevity. Thanks!
  10. The reality is: there is no "budget" mobo solution if u go LGA 1366 The platform is meant for enthusiasts with thoughts of SLI/CF, etc As said outside Gulftown, AM3 option has opened up thanks to Thuban (and surprisingly good OC even for locked multi chip) and with various ranges of chipset and different pricepoints as per a user's needs. The Crucials are out of stock (64GB ones) and ya i love those lowish profile CM GeminiIIS and with that case they make a fairly low noise combo hehe The next gen desktop Bulldozer a.k.a Zambezi is backwards compatible with socket AM3
  11. How do people feel about open box items from new egg. I am unsure if I would want a mobo because I like the accessories and warranty, but they have had the msi hawk 5770 on sale for ~$135 + shipping every few weeks. I just haven't jumped on it yet because I have been wary of open box. Thanks.
  12. open box means that somebody has opened the product tried it out and returned it back (it's another word for used 1 or 2 times
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