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In the bottom right side of my pc box i have two extra fans , or they are just the main fans .. i don't know.Only one seems to working ? Do you know how to activate the second fan ? The gpu temperate goes soemtimes more than 65 degree ( in some games only ...and i lose the video signal because of overheat maybe).. i think will be great to use the second fan advantage.But even when i bought this my brand new pc .. the second fan was even then inactive.Is it possible to turn it on? When i use Speed Fan program .. it shows me info that only one fan working around 2200 RPM .. like i have no other fans .. what about gpu fan (NV gt 240),cpu fan .. power supply fan?
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  1. You need to connect the fan either to your motherboard via a fan header or to your powersupply via a molex connector.

    65C is absolutely fine for a graphics card and would not be the cause of losing signal. Start to worry if the temps go north of 90C.
  2. Hmm i see . Thanks for that ...well ,at least can't be overheating problem .I will need to visit the local pc store .. for some system check.
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