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I want a computer which is suitable for Forex Trading. I am a MAC owner, but have decided to keep it clear of a Windows environment. The PC will be used for little other than trading.

Would appreciate help as I do not want to pay more than I need for fancy bits I won't be using.

Rita Marshall
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  1. ritamarshall said:
    Would appreciate help as I do not want to pay more than I need for fancy bits I won't be using.

    Then don't buy a mac branded computer for trading because that is exactly what you will get.

    If by "PC" you are referring to a non-mac branded PC, then you cannot put OSX on it without a lot of trouble.

    You also left out important information about your trading. I don't know much about trading so what will you be doing other than checking stocks online? That's not too intensive at all.
  2. My word you left an incredible lack of information about trading. I've seen Trading computers range from your basic internet computers to supercharged number crunching computers with top of the line processers, good graphics cards, and 8 monitors and 8 hard drives in a raid 0+5 array (and yes, people actually do buy that stuff as a buisness expense, not a luxery). We need MORE information to have a remote idea of what you need.

    Also, most people here don't know much about trading.
  3. enzo, she said she wanted to leave the mac clear of windows, i.e. no dual booting, hence she's looking for a PC.

    deltadevil is right though we need a lot more info, i'd imagine 2 honking great big screens, good connection, can't imagine that the CPU does a fat lot though for a 'from home' forex trader.

    Good quad core (always have a core free for that killer trade :)) and a decent amount fo RAM should work, what does the software you are using recommend.
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  5. This is from 2010, closing it.
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