my computer is going ultra slow i have no viruses only my game open all good parts and no overheating why is this happening. changing graphics settings doesn't help
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  1. What game?
    What are your computer specs?
    Were you able to play your game quickly before?
    More details please.
  2. haven't been able to since i got it, i bought it from one of those overpriced pre built computer websites.
    nvidia 8800gt
    amd turion 3.1 dual core
    700 watt power supply
    good case and a decent hard drive
    i just upgraded the case originally i thought it was heat because my computer was always overheating but now my temps are fine and still tons of lag.
    could it be my mother board?
  3. world of warcraft and starcraft 2
  4. o yea forgot to os windows 7 64 bit
  5. Hmmm, a mobile CPU in a desktop build? What mobo is in this machine? Do you have a link to its specs on the vendor site?
  6. sorry i meant to say amd Athlon dual 3.1
    i was thinking of my laptop XD
  7. Read this post on how to properly list information so we can help you.

    We need more detailed info.

    RAM, HD specs, links preferable.
    What programs are you using for temps?
    What temps exactly?
    Are drivers up to date?
  8. CPU
    RAM 4gb ddr2 376.7 mhz (2x2gb)
    CPU cooler stock
    Video Card 8800gt 1gb im not sure of the manufacture
    Power Supply logisys 700 watt
    Hard drive segate barracuda 250gb
    Operating System windows 7 64bit
    Case haf 932

    its not a fault psu ive replaced that think it was the issue
    if you need the model number of the ram i can do that just didnt want to go through the trouble unless necessary

    thanks a ton
  9. o im using speed fan.
    GPU: 56c-61c
    temp 1: 37c-46c
    temp 2: 27c-36c
    temp 3: -128c
    core: 39-46c
  10. just found out my cpu and mother board link were broken sorry.

    Cpu: Athlon 64 6000+ 3.1ghz

    Motherboard: Asus M2N-MX SE PLUS
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