What's taking up hd space??

I'm absolutly puzzled as to how a 50gb hard drive with nothing but Winsows 7 and Microsoft Office can only have 16gb left on it!! What i'm asking is how can I find out what's truely on my hard drive, taking up all that space? I mean, those two progams together shouldn't use 34gb for gods sake! Lastly, yes i send the other programs I install to the d/storage drive. Somebody, anybody, shed some light please. Thank you.
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  1. According to one poster here, Win7 uses 20Gb up to install
    and the microsoft office I found was 290ish Mb,
    Whats your page file set to? and do you have a 'reserved' disk in 'my computer'?

  2. What is your pagefile currently set to?

    Have you used hibernation even once? That would take up space equal to the amount of ram you have installed.

    Cache from browsing.

    Temporary files not cleaned after use.

    Restore points can take up a good deal of space too.

    Even if you install applications on another drive than the system drive, they may still take up some space on the system drive.

    Documents, pictures, downloaded files etc, your personal files are stored on the system drive.
  3. Show hidden files? try CCleaner to clear a lot of unwanted files from your hard drive. Unless this is a totally new install then maybe try some of the suggestion lothdk made.

    However this site (http://www.compdigitec.com/labs/2009/03/17/windows-7-clean-install-size/) seems to say 4.81 GB without page file
  4. There's a free program called WinDirStat that displays a graphical directory. Very handy to see where HD space is going.
  5. I did use Norton Ghost to clone the drive right after I installed Windows. As for my pagefile, I don't know what that's set to. I have to double check but i'm pretty sure I use stand by or sleep mode instead of hibernation. The other stuff, like the cache from browsing, temp files ect. I assume I can use CCleaner or WinDirStat to stay on top of that? Thanks for the input fellas!
  6. Ok, took your advice and I got WinDirStat. It shows my page file is taking up 6gb and it says hiberfile is 4.5gb. Don't know why I have a hiberfile when I have that set to never in power management. Anyway, I have 6gb of memory installed. With that said I want to decrease - customize - my page file size. What would be a good size to set it to? (What sould I set the initial size and max size to?)
  7. not sure of minimum, should say on the tab but the maximum is 3x the amount of 'physical' ram you have plus 300Mb so max for you would be 18.3Gb pagefile
    not advisable if your hd is only 50Gb though, I'd say just ghost your 6Gb and have 6Gb page
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