Sapphire ATI Radeon 3650 AGP HELP!!!!!

Hello, there are numerous faults i have found on here with these cards however i have not seen one like my problem..... I have had this card working on my computer for 6 months, i have recently got a new card so have given my brother this one, i have installed the card into his computer, i have lost the original cd so have had to download them from sapphire website. when i install the drivers everything seems to go fine, until it asks me to restart. when it restarts the windows xp screen comes up with the scrolling bar, then a black screen. sometimes it just sits there other times it just restarts after the black screen and loops. it has windows XP Home 1.5GB RAM.
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  1. Unistall all graphics drivers
    Download and install DriverSweeper
    restart in safe mode
    Check off ATI and whatever else you formally used on that pc for graphics
    Click clean
    Restart normally
    Go to AMD website and download the appropriate drivers.
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