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We have a very small separated network, it's basically a blade system and 2 workstations that are working together (processing images).

The 3 systems are connected to a Cisco Catalyst 2960G 7 port switch.

We have to connect them to the internet, and I don't know how to do it. I can't log in to the 2960g, we inherited the system and I don't even know the switch password (I've never used cisco before :-\ ). We have a spare internet connection now, and we want to provide internet access to these 3 systems.

The router is a Thomson 585i, we used it before to provide internet acces to the other lan. The router has the ip address (it was the gateway before), and also was the DHCP server to provide local IP addresses to the LAN computers.

The 2 workstation have the and IP addresses and the gateway is, I guess the gateway is the DHCP server right?. How do I have to configure the router to connect it to the switch and provide internet access to the 3 systems?

Thanks for reading it !

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  1. [wireless router]<-- wire -->[switch]<-- wire -->[pc]

    As far as the switch's password, I can't imagine it doesn't have a reset switch. I assume that would remove any previous password and/or return it to the default. Just be sure to hold it long enough (30 secs should be adequate).

    All PCs should be configured for DHCP (provided by the router), not using static IP addresses. If you need static IPs, most routers allow you to bind an IP to a specific MAC address. Using the router helps prevent errors and makes sure everyone has the same setup (gateway IP, DNS server(s), etc.).
  2. Thanks eibgrad

    Finally I managed to get it working. I had to phone to the person who installed the separated LAN and he gave me the information. I had to disable DHCP in the router and change the LAN IP adress to a different subnet, then I just connected it to the switch and "volia", all 3 computers had intenet access. The blade system provided the DHCP service.

    Have a nice day !

  3. hehehe very good
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