Does 300 mbps mean that wireless N is working?


Just hooked up my new Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N. It seems to be running fine, just not sure if it's running in N mode.

I have a built in wireless NIC in my laptop (Broadcom 4322AG 802.11a/b/g/draft -n WiFi Adapter).

Until recently... every screen that I could find said that the speed was 54 Mbps. The router is capable of 300 Mbps.

I'm running the latest firmware (Ver.1.82).

Today... after playing around with my security settings, I changed from TKIP to AES and according to Buffalo Client Manger V I'm now apparently running at 300 Mbps. That same screen also says that my channel is 11 ch (11b 11g). I can't seem to find anywhere that I am in fact running in N mode.

Is the fact that the speed is 300 Mbps proof that it's recognizing N mode?

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  1. I wouldn't take much notice of info like that -- do a test download of a very large file and repeat the exercise several times and average out the time taken/file size -- that's your true speed.
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