HWMonitor is giving a weird reading for my GPU.

First of all, for my GPU (GTX 470) fan speed, it reads 40% current, 40% min, and 40% max. This is all during idle so it seems normal. But after a while, it'll show the max as 100% even though it was still idle, not gaming or using any programs that might stress my GPU to the point where it has to spin up to 100%.

The only thing I can think of that might cause this is my profile settings for EVGA Precision. I have it set to Auto for idle/2D and 70% constant for 3D apps. Could Precision be the cause of the increased fan speed to 100% or is HWMonitor just inaccurate even though the idle readings seem normal?

Secondly, there are some readings for "Fans PWN." Is that the case fans I have connected to the molex heads on my PSU? It's doesn't plug into my mobo.

If it is, the reading shows a min of 40% fan speed and a max of 100%. I thought if the fans are connected to molex, it's always running at 100% unless I have a fan controller, which I don't.

If anyone can clarify the things I've described, that would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. If it is showing 100% after a while that normally means it is throttling for no reason at all. The same thing happened to me with a Gigabyte GTX 470 and I was able to fix this issue by switching to Afterburner.


    PWN has nothing to do with the case fans that are connected via 4 pin molex, these are normally the fans that are connected to the board like the CPU fan for example. Fans that are connected directly to the PSU run at 100% all the time.
  3. Hurroh,

    I don't know why but I get random 100% fan spikes with EVGA Precision also... Every once in a while it will just CRANK it for 1 sec, then back down. I'd say try MSI Afterburner, it's the same layout pretty much. Worked for me.

    EDIT: Beat me to it... Precision was buggy like that.
  4. I was getting 70c w/o doing anything :

    here the core jumped to 1647 for no reason at all :

  5. I was using MSI Afterburner before switching to Precision which was having the exact same problem. I would read the graphs on MSI and it would show a max temperature spike of 193C (this is not a typo, this is what I actually saw) which led me to believe that MSI was reading inaccurately so I switched over to EVGA Precision.

    And about the PWM fan thing, the only fan I have connected to the mobo is the CPU heatsink fan. My other 3 case fans are connected via molex, but HWMonitor shows 4 PWM temperatures (which actually fluctuate). One of them I know for sure is the CPU fan. The other 3, I don't know.
  6. What PSU are you using?

    Can you post a screen-shot of your temps?
  7. I'm using an OCZ ModXStream Pro 600w.

    I can't post a screen shot because I don't know how as I've never really uploaded anything before xD

    I just switched back to MSI again and after playing some Borderlands, MSI showed a max temp of 125C, but I was monitoring the temps in game and highest was only 67C. HWMonitor seems to agree with the 67C being the max temp too.

    I'm guess the temp reading for MSI is inaccurate for my card, however, the fan speed seems accurate.
  8. Just hit the "Prt Sc" or Print Screen key on your keyboard. Then paste it in paint or whatever and save it. Then go to an upload site, imageshack or something... browse for it, and upload =]

    That sounds screwed up... Are you running more than 1 of those OC'ing/Fan control programs? Precision USUALLY runs fine for me, unless I have Afterburner or something similar open at the same time.
  9. No worries, its quite simple..

    1. Press "print screen" to take screen-shot.

    2. Open "Paint" and then paste, then save to "my pictures" or whatever folder you wish.

    3. Upload photo using photobucket/imageshack or equivalent.

    4. Paste the IMG code, your done =)


    Your issue sounds like its a corrupted file. You can use MSI Afterburner 1.6.0 on ANY 470 and it will work just fine. Did you remove any unwanted leftover driver files prior to installing the new driver?
  10. Now I know for sure the GPU temperature reading for MSI is inaccurate. Right now it's saying the max is 195C which it shouldn't be because my GPU would've fried long before that.

    As for having multiple OCing programs open, I don't. I closed Precision before opening MSI. If it's still running, I'm not sure then. How would I find out?

    And for the uploading, thanks for the explanation. I'll give it a try right now.

    Here goes:


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. I don't remember if it's default or not, but Afterburner/Precision is set to close to the system tray for mine... so make sure it's not running there still. Just a thought.
  12. Yeah, I made sure of it. I went to the tray, right clicked, and chose to close it.

    One thing I just noticed, the MSI also reads a min of 0C which is highly impossible as well.

    Right now, HWMonitor says the max the fan speed reached was 100% even though in the user defined settings under MSI, I have the speed maxed at only 80%.

    Can someone please make some sense of this? I'm not very good when it comes to stuff like this and it makes my head hurt think about it -_-

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