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Hope I put this in the right section and everything. If I didn't, it's my bad. I thought I understood where it needed to go.

So I decided I wanted to build a gaming computer. Nothing to fancy, but at the same time I want it to be able to play today's most demanding games without too much trouble. Basically I used TigerDirect and a bunch of random reviews from this site and many others to choose my parts, then I used one of my special price finders to get a quote on what it would cost me to gather the pieces together. Overall, I think I got a decent rig lined up, it's only costing around $1,232. With some of the prices I found I could probably find better parts for just a small jump in cost. Anyways, down to the meat n potatoes.

I'm new to this and although I know about computers, people here make me look nubby. So I wanted someone to tear apart my build so I knew what was compatible and what not. Basically, I want to feel safe in building this computer. So if you guys here could do me the honors, I'll go ahead and toss out the specs.

Computer Case - Cooler Master CM690 II Advanced
Processor - Intel Core i7 930
Graphics - 2x Diamond Radeon HD 5770 (Crossfire)
Motherboard - ASUS P6X58D-E
Power Supply - Ultra LSP650 (Not necessary, but can't go wrong with 200 extra watts.)
Memory - Corsair XMS3 Triple-Channel 6GB 1600Mhz
Hard Drive - Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200RPM 6.0Gb/s SATA
Disk Drive - Lite-On IHAS124-04
Speakers - Cyber Acoustics CA-3698
Monitor - LG L227WTG
Keyboard/Mouse - Iogear GKM502

So hopefully you can see I made a decent system that's no punk, and makes use of the newest technology, but at the same time tries to remain on the cheaper side. Like I said I could probably spend just a small amount more and have better Crossfire set-up or a faster processor. I could probably lower the PSU to shed some cash, the computer is only rated to need about 445 Watts. Of course I'll be running Windows 7 64-Bit as well.

Anyways, if anyone could give me tips and pointers on my build or maybe provide better options, let me know, I would really appreciate it as I need at least a semi-high end desktop that can easily be upgraded given the field of study I'm in.
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  1. Ditch the Ultra power supply ASAP. Go with a quality brand like Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling or Silverstone. Ultra is not even close in quality. The use a gimmicky lifetime warranty and links to no name websites giving glowing reviews to their products. That lifetime warranty will not cover the parts the power supply takes with it when it dies!

    I like Corsair myself, their units put out way more power than the rating and they are very high quality. That is just a personal preference though. You will be fine with any of the brands I listed if you can find one cheaper than a Corsair unit.

    Everything else looks great, although I would go with a HD5850 over 2 x 5770s. Some games do not scale real well with Crossfire and would do better with a single more powerful GPU. You could always add another 5850 later if you needed.
  2. Admittedly, with the current price of DVD drives, it really doesn't make much difference, but I prefer Samsung and LG DVD drives. My sole experience with Lite-On wasn't good.
  3. I agree with anort3, if you are going to be running a single monitor, skip the 5770 crossfire and go with a single card solution. I would recommend the pricier 5870 and add another later. do not even consider the 5830.

    I am running 2 5770's in cross fire, but am using 3 monitors. It was a "eyefiniity solution of sorts. I wasn't going to pay $100 for an adapter, I just bought another card.


    I just took a look at the case, and would offer a suggestion of the Antec 900 two case, it's $20 more, but has an added fan, and all come with built in fan controls. If you want to take a look, Here's a link to my Antec 900 two build. The two front 120 mm have small rotary switches that stick through the front bezel, on the back panel there is 3 three position switches, one for the top fan light and two for the top and back fan speed controls.

  4. Yeah I liked the Antec 900. What about the Antec 900 II vs the Antec 900? I can't really tell the major difference, I mean it says it builds off the original and provides better cooling. It look the same to me. Same fan placement and same fan sizes...


    Oh, now I see it. It actually supports 6 Fans instead of 4 and comes with 4 installed.
  5. The major difference is the top of the case and styling. I think that the fan controls were added in the 900 two as well. On the shelf there was a size difference in the boxes as well. I don't know if there is a size difference in the case, not having owned the 900.

    The major difference that I can see between the Cooler Master and the Antec is the PSU intake. Antec uses and internal intake (fan facing up), were as CM uses an bottom external intake and raised foot pads.

    I have a CM Storm Scout case as well. Love both CM and Antec.
  6. Yeah, they seem to be the top brands; well, in my opinion. I like having a bigger case, so whenever I go to upgrade this system, I'll grab an Antec Twelve Hundred or Cooler Master HAF X or 932.
  7. The HAF X will be my next case so far, I have been eyeing both of them as well. Now I just have to wait a year or so for Intel's Sandy Bridge or AMD Bulldozer.
  8. That is some extremely nice processing right there. Didn't even hear about that yet, good stuff. You should check out the FED (Field Emission Display) monitors they're working on right now that are about to come out. Another nanotechnology, all the benefits of LCD/Plasma/CRT without the disadvantages, supposedly. It should be another breakthrough technology in 2011 hopefully.
  9. I can vouch for the CM 690 II Advanced. Tons of room, awesome ventilation(11 fan holes!), great cable management, this thing's a beast. The only thing that it needs is a bigger backplate cutout. Other than that, I don't think you should look further than this, its 90 bucks for a case that's worth $200.
  10. Thanx for the heads up, I hadn't heard of it yet. I will do some research, sounds promising. Have fun with your build....MAN, I really want another build....just can't justify the cost. The next one will definitely be DDR3 and lots of it.
  11. kkelso03 said:
    Yeah, they seem to be the top brands; well, in my opinion. I like having a bigger case, so whenever I go to upgrade this system, I'll grab an Antec Twelve Hundred or Cooler Master HAF X or 932.

    I love my 1200. The styling is not for everyone but you might check out the new Antec DF series as well. I think they look pretty cool and love the features. They are basically just updated 1200s/900s/300s.

  12. +1 single beefy HD 5870 but stick to single GPU solutions i.e upgrade to the next gen bang for buck Full HD GPU gamer card down the road ^^ $820AR
  13. Just to give you one more case to consider, take a look at the Lancool K62, for the price it is hard to beat.
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