Upgrade to GT 240 vs. HD 5570

I have a 5yr. old Gateway w/ 300w power supply. I'm guessing it has PCI-E 1.0.

I want the fastest card that run on this rig.
I've been considering the Nvidia GT 240 or the ATI HD 5570.
Are these the best choices? If so, which one would you buy with my rig?

I'm only looking to run Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 at max or near it on 1280x1024 resulution.
I appreciate any insight.
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  1. Also, I'm pretty sure I can only use single slot cards.
  2. I would get the the 5570.
  3. Firstly, thanks for your unfounded input sabot00.

    Your question is a tough one, and you really need to think about the benefits of each card.

    While this bench is done on the older 9.12 drivers for the 5570, there wouldnt be a lot of difference to now i wouldnt think. The gtx240 smashes it in almost every test, with only one problem...DX11. Since you wanted to play your games nice and pretty like, DX11 is a must, and the 5570 is better for that. Unfortunately, i doubt you'll be able to play SC2 or Diablo 3 at max with the 5570...which is why i suggest the 5670 at the least. DX11, and much better performance than both the 5570 and 240 and for a measly 30-50 bucks more.

    I must go, work calls, but i will try and get back on to see about your power supply.

    Cheers, ;-)
  4. Thanks for putting some thought into it. You make good points.

    I'd definitely spend 30 bucks more if I knew my power supply could handle it. Also I'm afraid my Pentium D 2.8Ghz (before Core Duo) would bottleneck a much better card than the 2 I mentioned.

    What difference does a newer direct x make?
    I don't think SC2 will make much use of DX11. Diablo 3 might since its further down the line.
  5. There have been some issues with the PCIe 2.1 cards in older PCIe 1.x slots. I don't think gateway has bios updates to fix these issues if the exist on their boards. To avoid the issues I would suggest a HD4670 which is a 2.0 card.
  6. Its lookin good for the GT 240 then since its also a 2.0 card. It gets better benchmarks than the hd 5570, and has a better chance of working with my mobo, and I can even get it for a little cheaper. The only thing is power consumption, but even if its draws a few more watts, its still low power and hopefully my power supply can handle it.
  7. i just happened to be looking at the 2 cards as well and found this

    hope its useful!
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