Intel P-4 3.4Ghz vs. Dual Core 3.0 Both 800Mhz

Hello All, Question; Would you consider an "Intel Dual Core Pentium D 3.00GHz (SL9KA) 4M 800Mhz FSB, LGA775", better than a "Pentium 4, (550), 3.4Ghz CPU, LGA775 1MB L2-Cashe, 800Mhz FSB"???

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  1. +1 the 'D' may be slower, but its design is newer with a more advanced instruction set.
  2. The Pentium D will be faster until it overheats. Make sure you have plenty of cooling.
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    das_stig said:
    +1 the 'D' may be slower, but its design is newer with a more advanced instruction set.

    Presler core. we're not at the core 2 yet. Same architecture as the pentium 4; but 2 cores instead of one.
  4. A new Mobo isn't expensive though, a $50 G31 can support 45nm quads.
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  6. Thanks for the answers guys, this is a cool site. I'm glad I joined, a lot of info, & freindly people here. :hello:
    I've got 5 single core pc's running all p4 above 3ghz. Thought I was fine till I started reading the speeds of these new cpu's here. Damn, am I obsolete. My 8400 Dimension mb's caps gave out, & I purchased a new asus P5N-D, & a bunch of other components to go with it. Now I see, i'm stuck again with the 775 socket. Got two of the 3.4 cpu's, I guess these will be my low ends, cause now I want, what I see I can get. (i7) :sol: !!!
    I won't bother with that dual core, now that I see it ain't much better. I need to do a lot of reading here, and figuer out the best cpu, mb, sli, ram combination, for the money. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Here's info on asking for build advice:

    I suggest starting a new thread, since this one is solved, to get more people looking and suggesting.

    Here's some guides too:

    My opinions:

    -CPUs under $300 are worth their price; anything over has a horrid performance/cost ratio
    -Faster ram is never worth the additional cost.
    -There's a lot of motherboards; it depends what you need feature-wise
    -parts also majorly depend on usage. Unless you are gaming or using GPU accelerated programs, there is no point in a dedicated card, nevermind SLI.
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