Fresh windows install on an SSD?

Hi guys,

I have just treated myself to my first SSD! It's a 60Gb Corsair Nova 2, and I want to use it as a boot drive. The only thing is, having windows installed on my HDD as well as all of my programs, I have no idea how to make this work.

I want the SSD to boot windows and as many programs as it can, but how do I go about doing this? And will all the programs load even if some of them aren't installed on the SSD?

Thanks in advance guys, sorry if this seems a really simple task to all of you - I am good with hardware but useless with software!
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  1. It is not recommended to clone a hard drive to an SSD although I'm sure it's possible. In your situation it is recommended that you do a clean install of windows and any programs onto the SSD. Most program installers allow you to choose the install directory. Just choose the SSD or hard drive accordingly. Programs will run no matter which drive it's installed to.
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