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I am looking to build my first PC, i think this would be doable by me because i have a fair amount of knowledge into computers.

I want a computer with an HDMI out and hopefully 5.1 surround sound capabilities.

I want a computer that can run World of Warcraft nicely, and maybe a few select other games (nothing too graphics intensive.)

I would also like a hard drive on the larger side, pushing around 1TB as i do a lot of video/music downloading.

I am only 17 and working a part time job so my budget is going to be around 600 or so bucks (the cheaper the better!!!)

What i don't need: monitor, keyboard, mouse
What i would LIKE, but DON'T NEED: cool looking case with you know the lights and the cool see through window

So are my guidelines possible to reach on my budget?
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  2. Looks like a good machine, but this is probably my fault for leaving it out, or maybe i just don't see it, but this seems to be missing an OS
  3. If u need OS included down to the Rana 440 + same case combo ^^
  4. hmmm, maybe i could just splurge for the OS on top of that system, that looks like a really really nice budget build
  5. What's the monitor resolution?
  6. Hehe ok glad u liked it ^^
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  8. how long do these combo deals usually last for. Is this something i can buy like over a months time, combo deal at a time?
  9. Combos usually reset at the beginning of the month so act fast @@
  10. Hmm ok, know im asking alot but could you make me a barebones suggestion with an hdmi out that will run WoW good. Im talking as cheap as you can possibly go lol
  11. $379AR
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