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I have recently been having problems with my boot HDD, a 1tb Samsung Spinpoint f3, every time i turn it on, it all boots up, but as soon as i try to open a program, both my screens go black and i have no way of making them come back on. On top of this it has been getting noisy and the spin-up time has got worse and worse.

I ordered a new 1tb WD Caviar Black that arrived today, what i want to do is plug both of my HDDs into my friends PC and create a clone of my Spinpoint onto my WD, one that i can boot from and use right away without any loss of data. How would i do this?

If anybody has any ideas what might be causing my screens to go black that isn't the fault of my Spintpoint, please tell me.

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  1. I'd clone the drive just for the sake of being able to recover the data, but at this point the OS is probably already hosed up. When cloning, be sure to go into the settings and tell it to ignore any errors otherwise it will just abort the first time it hits a bad spot on the drive.
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