NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS display driver failure

Hell team,

Right around the time that NVIDIA released a driver update (257.15 beta, May 2010) for the 8M series video card, my laptop has been experiencing some technical issues. After rolling back to the previous driver, it wasn't much better. The system started, but most of the time reverted to a blank screen (which is on, and plugging in an external monitor doesn't work). If it actually started Windows, it ran fine from anywhere between a minute and a few days before freezing (and restarting, usually to that blank screen). Much of the time that it did freeze, it was while playing a video. I was hoping that it was a compatibility issue with Windows 7, but with the new driver out last week (257.21, June 2010), there's still not much of a change, and I'm starting to think that the card/mobo may be damaged. Can anyone shed any light on the issue?
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  1. Resetovs, there is a widespread known fault situation with 8400M-series graphics cards, it has already cost NVIDIA tens of millions in recalls/warranty replacements, and you should contact your original point of purchase about getting a replacement. NVIDIA has had to pay resellers to cover these replacements, so chances are either your own point of sale has been funded for this, or their upstream provider has, so don't take no for an answer - you're owed a replacement because of this (known) faulty part.

    Best of luck,
    - Gliktch
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