Computer can't save file to certain places on network (but can 'save as')


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Bizarre problem.... I am running a domain on Windows Server 2003. I have about 15 client workstations virtually all are Windows XP SP3.

On one machine if he tries to open a file (.txt, .XLS, .mdb, etc.) it can only be opened in "read only" mode- it can't be 'saved' only 'saved as'. Note that it CAN write to the destination drive just not overwrite the original. This only happens on a few (but very important) destination {drives/computers}. However other client computers trying to do the exact same operation can do this without incident, that is write/overrite files.

I have tried logging on as a different user (that is one that works from a different machine) and that does not make a difference. The computer is part of the "Domain Computers" group like everyone else.

Any insights?

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  1. Remove it and add it back to AD to see if it resolves the issue.
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