How to set a Linksys E1000 Router as a WAP

How can i do this.

This is set up through a Built In Home Network
Please let me now if you need more info

-HLG Belly Hop94
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  1. Anyone?
  2. connect a cable from a computer to a lan port on your e1000 and log into it at

    turn off DHCP and change it's ip address to

    log into it again at (computer must be addressed in the same subnet manually since you turned off DHCP)

    configure wireless settings settings as you wish.

    connect from the wall to a LAN port on your router (WAN port will be unused).

    now you can access the network wirelessly and through the other 3 LAN ports.
  3. Thanks i tried this before and some how still doesn't work?
    i dont understand why this is so messed up.
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