Thermal paste longevity?

I bought a tube of arctic silver 5 thermal compound to replace burnt-out thermal paste in my laptop about 3 years ago, and I was wondering if anyone had a quick answer on whether it is likely still good or not. I'll be building a new system in the next few months and if i can save a measly $5-$10 by using some of what's left it would be nice, as from what I understand the pre-packaged thermal paste on cpu's isn't that great. A single tube of the stuff is more than I'll use in a lifetime, it'd be nice if it lasts that long.

Great, guess i can save myself $5.
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  1. It should still be fine as long as it hasn't dried out.
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    Like Shadow703793 said you should be good if the tube hasn't dried out. I've been using the same tube of AS5 for like 4 or 5 years and the last application that I did (2 months ago) applied and cured properly.
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