120GB SSD big enough?

Okay so I currently have a HDD as my boot drive as well as my programs and it is currently up to 230GB...

I also have a 2TB Raid-0 setup storing my files.

My plan is to get a SSD drive but I want to install windows 7(maybe 8) aswell as Linux Ubuntu onto this drive and if possible add programs such as Photoshop or CS5?

My question is would a 120GB SSD happily cater for the two operating systems aswell as the CS5 collection and maybe office for example? Is it possible to have a few programs stored on the SSD and then leave the rest on the HDD so basically my more important programs boot faster?

I could then use the HDD to store files aswell as my Raid setup.
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  1. Just total all the programs you want to put on your drive and see if it's less than 120GB. I don't see what else you would do. Also, I recommend leaving at least 5-10GB of free space.
  2. Yes, 120GB will be fine. I have Windows 7, AutoCAD, ANSYS, Solidworks, Matlab and Visual Studio all on a 120GB SSD with 20GB to spare. The performance is great too.
  3. If u only keep OS's and a handful of most used programs/games on it while moving all other files and rarely run programs onto an HDD, its enough. If you want to get all programs and both OS's onto one drive, 180gb might be a better option
  4. 100 GB is enough when you install Windows CS5 and office, but then you don't have much space left. So if you can work with 20 GB Ubuntu it should work fine.
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