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I am currently running
AMD Athlon 3700+
DFI Lan Party NF3 UT
1 x 1GB Crucial DDR 400 & 1 x 1GB OCZ DDR 400 (Due to memory failure a year ago)
Some sort of Arctic 64 Cooler
Antec P180
Western Digital Green Power 1TB
2 x Samsung DVD/RW IDE
550W Hiper Power Supply

Basically I am looking for a very budget upgrade. Probably to something in the way of a Pentium dual core. I have been looking at the e5300 and the ga-g31-esl2 plus some crucial ballistix memory 2gb or 4gb not sure.
I could do with on board graphics otherwise I may stretch to a half decent video card but can’t really see the point for what I do.

Mainly used for a bit of photo editing, internet, office, data transfer and some cad. Mainly just want the whole computer to run faster, start up faster and run vista with a view to windows 7 in the future. More multitasking speed.

Just some general advice or some better ideas would be much appreciated.

Trying to keep the upgrade to under £170.00, not bothered where i can get the kit, ebuyer is great but Cheapest wins!

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