Raid 0 one disk not working properly

My specs are:

Motherboard Asus a8n SLI Deluxe
2x Sata 160gb hdd

So, in BIOS it aknowleges that I have 2 hdd's, but while using Windows or Linux, both just have one disck with 160gb set with raid 0 as he said... This pc was given to me by my uncle, this had a Grub Rescue error while booting, I couldn't correct it because I can't really install anything nor format that disk.
But I can install windows or linux in the other one, and it works, but only shows one... I could really use both disks as 160 is not that much, and this situation has been getting me a little furstrated.

I don't even mind taking back the raid 0 and using the both disks separetadly, just need to get the 320gb.

Sorry for some bad information, bad english too.

If you need some more information just ask me.
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  1. I would start by backing up everything that you need. I would then press the "f10" key durring power on to enter the RAID menu and break that RAID. then install windows normaly.
  2. If you can boot Windows or Linux, the controller may be in RAID mode, but the hard disks are not. If they were in RAID 0, the system would not boot with half of the RAID missing. As anonymous1 suggested, break the RAID. Hopefully both hard disks are working properly.
  3. Mine was f4, so I went there tried to break the RAID but it said that there wasn't.
    So this means that the disks aren't in RAID correct? Maybe my uncle didn't remember this correctly.

    Still my OS just reads one disk, while there are 2 and even the BIOS shows that.

    Keep in mind that the one not working, has that problem while booting, which makes me believe that there was someting wrong with the previous Linux install that my uncle had? Though he claimed that it was working fine with him. Maybe this is what is causing the conflict?
  4. Remove one hard drive(just disconnect the power cable) install windows and reconnect the power cable.
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