I am not sure what to get to go with my graphics card

At the moment with the powersupply i am having it seems to overheat very quickly when on games when the case is fully shut but when the case has the side off it is fine and keeps cool, im wondering weather it would be a better idea to get a new powersupply that would be better for my graphics card and processor as im upgrading to a quad core processor soon so would it be smarter to go for a new powersupply, the powersupply is a EZcool 650 watt but i was told by Scan.co.uk the psu is not made for powerful graphics cards but i didnt think the 9800gtx+ 512mb was that powerful, or should i get a better air vented case? please help guys

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  1. guess the ezcool does not cool so easily..had to be said

    download HWmonitor and make sure the over heating issue is not your CPU or video card

    what case do you have?
  2. Get a name brand psu. It might say it's a 650w but can only out put much less.

    Even if you don't need it for the card you want something reliable.
  3. since its fine with the side panel removed it sounds like you need to add airflow to that case or get a new case. You should have a bottom mounted front fan sucking cool air into the case at minimum. Another fan mounted uptop blowing air out the top or out the rear (top would be best imo) would be my next addition.
    Perhaps you have these fans and they have died without you noticing?
  4. Case- Antec 300- £44.41 inc. VAT
    Ideally you want a high quality psu at some point.
    XFX 650W XXX Edition Single Rail Modular PSU -£69.99inc. vat
  5. BLACK Galaxy III Gaming Case is the case i have but only has 2 fan slots, i was thinking about getting this case : http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/Xclio-NightHawk-Extreme-Mid-Tower-Case-Black-10-Front-Bays-18cm-Side-Fan
    as it has almost all the fans and id have the last one as i know they are all working still, so some think its the psu and some think its the case? i still have no clue what to go for:/ and ill download the HWmonitor and check it out :) THanks guys

  6. This is while im running l4d 2 as u can see now i dont really know what im looking out for as to waht would be a better choice to either upgrade the psu or the case. what do you guys think?
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