Trouble with ATI memory profile modification

I am experiencing the famous ATI "not responding and has recovered" issue. This thread has a solution but when I modify the settings only the gpu clock speed changes.

I changed it to 20000 and 40000 respectively for gpu/memory clock speed and CCC shows my current vallues as 200/120000.

Does anyone know why it is not changing the memory clock speed?
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  1. When you enable overdrive your mem speed will default to 1200mhz (assuming you have 5870), while the gpu will still follow the profile...thats what happened to me and 5970's anyway. Except 1000mhz :-P
  2. Okay I modified the profile. So you're saying even if I modify it for 400 it will go back to 1200 like nothing was changed?

    I just changed it to 200/400 as the solution suggests and have gotten 1 crash still, is there anything else that I can do to try and fix this?
  3. Don't use a profile...just enable overdrive without the profile and you'll notice your clocks sit at 400/1200 due to ATI changing drivers.
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