How much will this pc cost me

hey guys im gunna buy a new pc i have abt 700 dollars in my pocket
im planning those specs:
intel core2duo E6600 2.4GHZ
3GB ddr2 ram
geforce gts250 green edtion
windows 7 ultimate
so how much will it cost?
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  1. I guess I'll break the ice. How much are you actually intending to spend on the computer. I don't care how much is "in your pocket" I care about how much you intend to spend.

    Because what you've linked is like, crap.
  2. thx for the reply actually i decided to save more money and im planning to spend abt 1000dollars on it can u give me a computer gaming one abt 1000 dollars
  3. I'll just hit u with a slightly more expensive ($760AR with OS) config and i have this feeling if u were happy with a GTS 250 build @ $700 with OS , you'd be more than fine with this hehe
  4. Add $99 for Win7 Home Premium.
  5. haha yh that was a better config man ill get right to it thx a lott for ur help much appreciated :D:D:D
  6. You are welcomed ^^
  7. @ toxict51

    Please mark this as solved !!! You've been here longer than I have. Surely, you should know better...
  8. yh ur problably right but i like to make sure abt my stuff thats all
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