Starcraft 2 Build (Money is tight)


I'm looking to build an inexpensive system that will run Starcraft 2 close to it's optimal settings. (I already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse)

Starcraft 2 PC Recommended Specifications:

* Dual Core 2.4Ghz Processor
* 2 GB RAM
* 512 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTX or ATI Radeon® HD 3870 or better

I haven't researched system builds in a while so if anyone has any advice, recommend combos etc, I'd appreciate the help.

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  1. X3 440 Rana is marked as X4 440?...but it is true somehow...just unlock the fourth core...^o^
  2. definatly get gkay09's build
  3. Hey this is Brittany A.K.A. FembotCosmonaut
    I just wanted to say that most of those newegg combo deals offered to you by gkay09 have already expired. Not to mention that you need to buy the parts and build it yourself (if you feel like you're up to it, we can see you the individual parts as well). I also don't think that he included an Operating System, or an antivirus software, so you'd have to purchase those as well, so the price isn't actually $560, it's more like $700. Not including shipping and handling.
    Anyways, the computer I have in mind for you is already built by yours truly ;) anfd has the following specificatuions:
    *Mid-tower case + 550 watt power supply, comes with rear case fan
    *500 GB western digital Hard drive Green
    *Gigabyte motherboard M68M-S2P
    *Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
    *One year of Norton or Panda antivirus
    * 24x DVD lightscribe burner
    *dual-core AMD 3.0 Ghz CPU
    *2GB DDR2 PC5300 667MHz
    *1gb ATI Sapphire HD 5450 graphics card

    I can configure your OS to meet your specifications and if you want I can also install Starcraft for you. The plus to buying a computer from us is that you're going to personally know the human whom built/configured your computer, and you also have a one-year warranty on all parts, this includes the installation, repacement and reconfiguration of said parts. So, let's say if your hard drive goes out, we'll not only repace it for you, we'll reload your OS and get you back up-and-running in a snap. I'd like to see newegg's crappy customer service top that! And also, unlike newegg, you can take you time and decide on the offer at hand, becuase this deal won't expire.
    All together it'll cost you exactly $648.75.
  4. ^

    1- Probably a no name brand psu.
    2- Crappy hard drive, you can get much faster then that for not a lot more money
    3- Why 32bit? If he ever wants to upgrade get 64bit
    4-I dont know much about panda, but i absolutely HATE norton on my computer. All it does is fill my screen with crap I dont need.
    5- Not the best CPU you can get for your money. If he was spending $650 he could get at least a tri core
    6-Drr2 RAM? why? Theres no reason to get ddr2. Its just slightly less expensive and its not near as fast as ddr3. Plus, ddr3 is more future proof.
    7-That graphics card would barely be able to power the LCD screen on my microwave, let alone gaming.

    EDIT: If you need a OS, just add $100 on to Gkays build and it will be 10x better then the one offered to you by fembot...
  5. Yes, it's true that you can find better prices on newegg. The only thing that we really have to offer is convenience. If you feel like you can put the computer together yourself, then go ahead, if you have the time and knowledge on how to properly configure a computer then you can indeed save money and do it yourself. I know I did.
    But I bought my parts through Allgen. Newegg prices plus overnight shipping are the same, if not more than ours. I prefer the company I work for because if you buy through newegg, and a part is defective in order to receive the warranty replacement you have to pay for shipping. Not to mention haggling with customer service whom doesn't know who you are and is unfamiliar with your parts. If you buy through us, we can guarantee that your computer was built by people whom know what they're doing and are familiar with your configuration down to the last capacitor.
    I have the exact same parts on one of my home computers and the video card can play crisis on medium settings and can render Left 4 Dead graphics with no trouble. (Although, I'd like to know the make and model of goalguy876's microwave because I'd love to play Crisis while waiting for a hotpocket to cook.) I have no complaints when it comes to these parts. If you want 64-bit, it's the same price. And I highly recommend Panda. I use it at home, and I'm a very heavy downloader so if Panda is a bad antivirus program then I'd definatly know by now.
    We can build a completely different system for you with better or cheaper parts but it would be easier for me to do this face-to-face rather then typing forever on a keyboard and arguing with a bunch of strangers on this forum. So give me a call! :D
  6. $538AR, use Avast, Avira, etc for AV
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