Upgrading - 500$~ Budget, need advice!


Im looking to upgrade my computer, my budget is around 500$ +/- 50$-100$ or so.

I am a gamer.

Current set up -
CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
Mobo - ASUS M3A78-EM
RAM - 2gb DDR2 x2 sticks for a total of 4gb
GPU - Radeon HD 5850
Monitor - Samsung SyncMaster740n
Power Supply - Coolermaster 550w

Basically my GPU is heavily suffering due to every other piece, or so i think, as im playing Starcraft 2 / Cod6 etc on Low/Medium, which should not be the case, the game recommends me to play on Ultra high settings however it is choppy/low fps. I really want to fix this very badly but im not sure where to start and what to change, though im certain my CPU is way too outdated so that is a must to change.

Please advise me! Also, i would appreciate if you could tell me what all to change as a set, so everything is compatible with each other, since i have not much idea!

Also, all my drivers are updated, and i havent overclocked anything.

Thanks again!
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  1. Whoa that 4200 Brisbane is a bit long in the tooth and @ stock it will definitely hold back that HD 5850! So looking at the CPU support list for your mobo
    Low cost/no CPU intensive apps : Rana 440
    Else hit a Deneb 945/95W seeing (i assume) you a a non OCer?

    Samsung SyncMaster740n is also just a 17" with 1280 x 1024 native resolution
    Get a sweet 23" LCD in there?
  2. Thanks for your response, well my budget is 500$ and i've been looking around a few i5's etc and they seem to be in the range of 250$, that means i have a remaining 250$ to spend on whatever else is needed, which could be another motherboard to support the new cpu.

    Im trying to find the best way to upgrade using all my money ^_^

    Also, what exactly would a new monitor bring to the table? Im not entirely aware of how much a monitor effects performance.
  3. Bump. Help please!
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