A problem i am having with my SSD

I got a nice 160GB intel 320 i would guess around 1 year ago now since then i have had a fairly major problem 2 times the SSD just ups and dies on me after a while its not totaly dead as i can get it to work again but like right now i am useing my backup 2TB hdd

i am in No way at all a expert on how the storage stuff works i can tell somone a lot of stuff about preformace of SSD's or vid cards or a few other parts but how things like file systems work is way out of my know how

that being said since i installed the SSD 2 new small drives showed up in the "Computer" part where you can look at drives you have on the comptuer one was 26.9MB and the other was 99.9MB my thinking is these are where the file storage info is for the SSD and HDD since they are named System Reserved(G: ) or (e: )

so the problem it looks like to me is the SSD's System reserved is geting full way before it should my SSD currently has 43.9GB free but its the system reserved i think goes with it is down showing red at 1.34MB

So the point of all that is Can this be fixed other then formating the system reserverd and reinstalling windows thats what i did last time and it worked but its a pain in the ass and its going to happen again in like 6 months i would like a fix that will make it not happen again
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  1. I am not sure what the 26.9MB partition is but it may just be a small amount of your drive that cannot be allocated. The 100MB partition is created by the Windows 7 installation disk and is the recovery partition. These partitions should not be written to or change their amount of free space. These partitions are NOT where the storage info is.
  2. When you install windows 7 it will allocate a system reserve of about 150MB on the ssd if it is the only drive in your system.
    That does not sound like your problem.

    If you bought an old 160gb ssd, it may not have the latest firmware. As I recall, some early products had a similar issue which has been resolved. Go to the intel web site and download their SSD toolbox. It should tell you what firmware level you are at. If you are not at latest firmware level, download and install it. Considering that the drive is not right, I think you will be facing a reinstall after you get things corrected.

    I think your drive is still under warranty. If a firmware update does not fix the issue, contact Intel support.
  3. ok well i guess that means my idea was wrong

    But its not firmware eather checked current best one is v1.92 which is what i installed like the day i got the drive 9/1/2011 was when they updated it last

    any other ideas would be nice i would love to not have this problem again

    I used there intel transfer thing to move from this 2TB setup to the SSD it must of been what made the 26MB thing
  4. ok to add to this if the 26.9MB partition is not part of the file system then what is it it does not show anything there and it does fill up also when i formated it last time the comptuer would not bootup on the SSD i had to reinstall windows and when i did the drive showed as partly full after windows installed?????
  5. ...... well that was stupid of me all that typing i did and i never said what the computer was telling me when i try to boot up from the SSD

    Verifying DMI pool data

    thats what it is stoping on i started looking that up and found some info about bad bootup data or something like that but it was all stuff for windows xp 98 or 95 which i dont think i can use the same fixes for windows 7 more then likly
  6. I think i know what was wrong now the 26.9mb part should not of been the "System reserved" but it was this means that every 4-6 months it was filling it up and craping out instead of working right as it should of with a 100MB system reserved

    i found this by going to install windows again and it listed 4 drives to install it on
    1 was my main 2TB drive
    2 was a 100MB part of that 2TB drive
    3 was a 27MB part of my SSD
    4 was the rest of my 160GB SSD

    so since it was showing the system reserved for the 2TB but not for the SSD its a good bet that the 27MB was the system reserved made by the stupid copying program from intel instead of by windows

    should not of tryed to copy my os back when i first put the SSD on my computer if i had just installed windows the normal way this would not of happned

    anyway thanks for the help you 2 you where not right but the info on system reserved that you gave me did help me realize what was wrong
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