SSD and HDD Differences

I am about ready to finally buy my first computer but have some questions on HDD and SSD.

I was looking at both Samsung 830 and Crucial M4 256G SSD and there are more than 2 or 3 for each and I am unable to tell the difference. When I use the compare feature on Newegg, it does not show any difference except model number. Same for the Western Digitial Caviar 1 TB Black Drives.

Can someone tell me the difference between the models. A couple examples below.

Again..same with Samsung 830 256G or WD black 1TB drives. Multiple choices that
look exactly the same to me except the model number.

What am I missing here?

Appreciate the help. Thanks
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    For the listed SSD.

    One has no bracket and cable while the other does. If your case has a spot for 2.5inch(or you can drill some holes :) ) drives and you have a spare SATA cable you do not need to pay extra for it.

    You can also get another M4 with a notebook kit that includes a USB -> SATA adapter for cloning your old drive to the new one.

    Some times you will also get OEM drives with no cables and they just come in an anti static bag vs a retail(cost more) drive with a nice box and cable ect.
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