Pentium 4 cpu 3 00ghz

Hello,what is the normal working tempreture of this cpu
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    The operating Temperature for this type of processor was quite high as the Netburst Architecture it used got very hot at the 3 GHZ plus clock speeds. The processor is most likely the Prescott Core P4 (though there were some Northwood Cores at those speeds from memory). Prescott had a high thermal output prompting some Case Manufactorers to provide a special vent on the side of the Case making the Case "Prescott Ready". The heat issue forced Intel to revamp their processor design and the focus switched from High Clock Speed Single Core Processors to the Multi Core Core 2 design. The lull between Prescott and the Core 2 was a difficult time for Intel which gave AMD a dream run for some months. If you run a P4 of that speed it must have additional cooling or it will run very hot even if it is a Northwood Core. It would not be unusual for that Processor to hit 60 degrees Celcius especially without dedicated cooling.
  2. Here is a chart for max temps expect normal to be substantially lower.
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