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So I'm planning to buy a new computer, but there was a problem: It had integrated graphics.

So as my dad is laid off, I'm trying to get a graphics card that's under the price of $100. I want a card that's good and reliable, yet under $100.

I want to try and play CoD MW2 on at least medium settings on 1480x1024 (preferably high settings at at least 1024x768). I would also like to run BF:BC2 on at least medium or low settings with at least 1024x768.

The memory computer has is DDR3-1333. The computer also has a quad core. The computer won't have that good of cooling, though. But I don't know, are 2 or 3 fans enough?

I'm sorry if this is a hard question to answer.

Thank you in advance [:
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  1. What is the size of the Power Supply? It is important, other specs like CPU and ram would be useful
  2. The power supply is 500 watts. I totally forgot what the CPU is :\ (if your talking about the processor speed, it's 2.6-2.8). DDR3-1333 RAM.
  3. The most powerful cards under $100 are HD4850 or GTS250 next to them would be 9800GT or HD5670. Here is a good deal on GTS250
  4. 'Kay thanks (:
  5. with the 9800 gt you would be able to play MW2 full graphics and bad company 2 at the highest setting with no aa or ansiotropic filtering, i had one and i was able to play them at 1680x1050 resolution
  6. You can't play BC2 at the highest setting because the highest setting would be DX11 and the 9800GT only has DX10.
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