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PSU modular wiring... correct cable sequence?

Hello everyone.

I just bought an Antec 1000W TruePower Quattro PSU and it has modular cables, and the manual really didn't help me and I can't find any info about this one the internet anywhere.

I have found the cables that I will need to plug into the rear of the PSU, but I have no clue in which order (or which side/voltage) to do.

I have five female plug-ins on the PSU's rear, and the bunch of actual power cables (non-modular) that come directly out of the PSU.

Three female plug-ins are labeled 12V2 Y, and all three are black.

One female plug-in is labeled 12V3 Y/B, and is red.

Another single female plug-in is labeled 12V4 Y/G, and is also red.

The male plugs I will be using are two SATA power cables (with 2 or 3 SATA power plugs on each cable), and one molex cable with 2 or 3 molex plugs on it.

I will also have a nVidia 480 GTX video card installed, and I think the plug(s) for that come out with the regular power cables (non-modular).

This is the first time I have ever used a modular PSU and although I like the concept and the look... it's a little bit more difficult to figure out which cable goes where.... in regards to putting them into the PSU.... heh.

Any help saying in what plug-in a certain plug goes would be GREATLY appreciated, and just a clarification about the video card plugs would be great too.

I am not sure if it matters if I start on the left and move to the right, or vice versa... or if it matters at all.

ANY comments are welcomed.

Thanks a bunch.

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it
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  2. Yeah, it helped me narrow down what were my PCI-E plugs :lol:

    Since the other three were all SATA plugs I am guessing that as long as I only use the two red plug-ins as PCI-E, and the other three as either SATA or Molex I should be fine.

    BTW... in that review it showed the male plugs being labeled, but the only plugs that were labeled on mine were the PCI-E ones and they were actually printed on and not stickers/labels.

    If anyone else has anything they can add, then by all means please do.

    The review picture actually helped a lot more than I expected it would. Thanks.
  3. No problem! [:bohleyk:1] The antec site was worthless it doesnt even have a manual to download and look at.
    Glad I could help.
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