Need help choosing heat sink

I have a 1u and have the X8STi mobo. I'm getting an i7 950 for it, but I don't thing the stock heat sink will fit. I've been looking around and found a few heat sinks.

The Dynatron G129, which is around $35 bucks
I also found the SNK-P0037P by supermicro for around $25

My question is if I go with the dynatron can I still use the supermicro bracket (BKT-0023L)? or will the dynatron require it's own specific bracket?
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    One of the things to look at is that the Dynatron is for CPU's with max 95watts tdp and you are planning to use it on a CPU with 130watt tdp.
    My guess is that you can use the supermicro bracket.
  2. Is there any heat sink that can fit my setup?
  3. I was looking around and the i7 970 is a lot more powerful and it's also 130 tdp. Also, according to dynatron's website, the g129 supports the xeon W5580, which is 130watt tdp. Still, between both heatsinks, which do you think it's better?
  4. I believe that the all cu dynatron is better.
  5. I contacted supermicro and they rocommended this:

    Is that one better than the dynatron g129?
  6. It is hard to tell not a lot of information on it like material and weight. Of course they will recommend their own product, at least it is rated for CPU's with tdp of 130 watts
  7. Where did you find that? I couldn't find any info on the SNK-P0036. I found one source that said it weights 1.5lb

    Also, while I got your attention, should I use silver 5 paste or the water-based stuff it comes with.
  8. It supports 3500 series which many are 130watt. The weight looks promising it is heavier than the Dynatron, usually a sign of better cooling performance.
  9. I went with the Dynatron G218. It all copper and has a fan, it's made for a 1u chassis.
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