Motherboard smoked help :-(

Hello there i was doing some major upgrades to my asrock motherboard i have forgot the exact specifications the board was a AM3 DDR3 16gb motherboard a good one with one PCI Express 16X

My specs are AMD Phenom 2 955 3.2GHZ
10gb DDR3 10060 1333mhz memory
250GB harddrive
Nvidia Zotac GTX460
I installed blackmagic intensity pro too

ok lets go to the problem i installed the extra 4GB ram 1 dimm into the remaining ram slot booted up perfect
then installed my 1TB harddrive from ebay worked perfect also :-)

but as i was applying artic silver thermal paste to the motherboard i decided to remove my graphics card as it was i my way i carefully removed it and finished pasting the cpu up :-)

Put the graphics card back in everything powers up fine no signal on moniter o-0 so removed the card again seated it back checked my molex power connecters powered it on same problem so tried for a last time then i crapped myself the board was smoking and sparking with a nasty plastic smell pulled out the power plug and removed the board for inspection no burns on board no capaciters fried no obviouse damage at all so the next day i tried it for one last time NOW no smoke powers up fine all fans spin as they did before everything is perfect just no picture at all ( EDIT no error motherboard beeps )

I thought my graphics card was the problem and was broken so i got my old nvidia 9500GT powered up again no picture

I dont mind buy a new motherboard im just worried that the worst is the worst and its fried everything my very nice cpu 10gb ram and even worse my brand new black magic intensity pro

the computer was smoking for less then 6 secs if eveything is screwed i will buy a laptop instead i just dont want to buy a new motherboard and say the cpu is dead as that will annoy me

Please excuse my spelling errors and large post

Please help :-(
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  1. Did you power off the PSU or disconnect it from the outlet before removing or inserting the GPU? A lot of damage (even when not visible) can occur within a few seconds.
  2. Before changing cards I always power off, unplug and wait 10 seconds before touching any internal component. The reason is that some mobos retain some current and need to discharge. You could have caused the initial damage when you were seating and reseating the GFX card.
    I doubt anyone can tell you if the CPU or other components are dead without first hand testing.
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