HD 5770 or GTX 260

I can't decide, according to Anandtech, the 260 gets better FRAPS, but pretty much everyone tells me to go with the 5770. I assume they are referring to OC'ing it and Anandtech does not include that in their testing?
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    Get the 5770. Basically the same performance, but cheaper. Also is newer tech, supports dx11, runs much cooler, uses much less electricity, supports eye-finity, is much smaller/can fit more cases, etc

    There is absolutely no reason to get a GTX260.
  2. What is your budget?
  3. +1 @ BSOD, No point in buying old tech.
  4. Performance is almost identical in most cases, but the 5770 is more future-proof with better features.
  5. definetly 5770
    but if you have extra budget you can go for gtx260+
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