5770 hawx support

thanks to tomshardware i was able to confirm that the 5770 was the best gpu for my budget but now i'm faced with a different issue. I have a cooler master 500w psu and an msi 945gcm5 v2 mainboard. The link is below


Will this mborad supprt this gpu: http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=proddesc&maincat_no=130&cat2_no=137&prod_no=1982
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  1. Yes.
  2. that was easy. I hope ur right though coz i'm off to buy the card asap then.
  3. I'm right :D.
  4. thanks a lot man :)
  5. No problem.
  6. Oh ya another thing before i forget. One of the dealers here says that the 5770 is PCI-E 2.1, and that some people have had problems with 2.1 in 1.X mobos. I'm not sure if he is saying this just to sell me an new mboard or this will in fact happen :(

    Wat do you think :sweat:
  7. 96%(guess) have no problems with this, it seems some m/b's can't boot the new 2.1 video bio's. Its mainly xfx 5 series from what I've seen.
  8. Hmm. hopefully thr msi 5 series has no problems. Where can i confirm its compatibility with the MSI 945GCM5-F V2
    . The link for the same is in the first post
  9. What I meant by checking compatibility is your going to have to buy the gpu and plug it in, lol . There is supposed to be backward compatibility. Thats what I meant to get across. Except your dealer was right , in the sense , a very small amount of people are having issues.
  10. :D so i'am gonna have to be the guinea pig myself. Well atleast my mboard is gonna be one.
  11. Another thing i was curious about. my PCI express x16 supports upto 4.0gb/s transfer rate and the PCI x1 is 250mb/s half of pcie 2.0 right.

    and i put my gpu into the pci x16 slot

    but the transfer rate of the 5770 is 76.8gb/s

    how does this work or have i got something wrong here.....
  12. Your getting the memory bandwidth confused with the PCI-E bandwidth...

    Don't worry your memory bandwidth should be 76.8GB/s
  13. Fine. I guess teach me not to get a micro atx mainboard next time. Not that its an issue here. Fine after all this discussion here's wat i'am gonna do again:

    connect an ati-radeon 5770 pci ex 2.1 1gbddr5 to a msi 945gcm5 v2 matx board with a pci x16 1.0 slot (http://bit.ly/94Lamx) .

    Will post results or failures in a few days then...... whis me luck...... :sweat:
  14. Good luck!! (Although I'm 99% sure It'll work out fine.)
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