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My GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H BIOS allows me to deactivate cores on my Phenom 955. I was wondering if anyone could give me details on advantages and disadvantages in deactivating cores to make my 955 a tri or even duel core. This is purely about the advantages and disadvantages not if you personally think i should or shouldn't do it.

Thank you
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  1. I agree with both posters above, underclocking/undervolting is a better option. It would be significant in terms of power consumption if you undervolt and downcore. But if you do that, the performance will be significantly compromised.
  2. If your not going to be gaming or video work, underclock/undervolt and enable cool-n-quiet.
  3. You might get an extra 100-200mhz out of an overclock if one of the disabled cores was holding you back. In the end disabling cores will just reduce your systems performance.
  4. Quote:
    ive done this and got the t-shirt it does absolutly nothing it still gets as hot as 4-cores so i don`t think it even saves any power.

    why would you want to shut down cores?

    Was just interested in the fact that i could. A quad core was kinda overkill or me but was cheap so i went with it. Mainly just want to see how i can lower temps and conserve energy.

    I did slightly test it myself and yeah it pretty much didn't do much. I my temps stayed the same but my power consumption went from 117W with 4cores at full load to 88W with 3 cores at full load.
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