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Hey I'm building a comp for the first time:

COOL MASTER RC-942-KKn1 - $200 master rc-942

Sony Optiarc Ad-72605-0b 24x - $20

Intell H55HC Mobo with Intel core i5 - $275

Power-up 550-watt $35 550-watt

EVO OIG-P3-N959-TR $50

Seagate Barracuola LP HD 1TB - $60

Corsaid PC10666 RAM 4G - $98

So this is my build, I need to know if I'm missing something, I can get something better for the same price, etc. I just need your opinions, thanks.
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  1. What is this build going to be used for? You are using a lot of lower end components because of that case and the i5, i suggest you drop down to a HAF 922 and switch to AMD, it will let you get a quality PSU and HDD.

    If you will post using the template in the thread below it tells us what your system needs to do and we can help you pick better parts from there
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