What is more important?

what is more important for gaming CPU or GPU?? does better CPU gives a lot more fps in games?
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  1. i just want to know what is more important.
    example. 5870 & athlon ii x4 630 vs 4870 & intel i7 930.
  2. gtx 460 768 or 1gb & athlon ii x4 635.
    is this ok?
  3. Yep those will be fine together. I suggest the 1GB version as it is a bit faster due to the momory bus. I would overclock the x4 635 a bit for games.
  4. i will OC athlon to about 3.2ghz with stock cooler and later maybe i will buy new cooler and OC to 3.6ghz.
    i think athlon is better than phonem because their price, x4 635 cost 140$ and phonem about 230$.

    ram will be ddr3 2gb first then 4gb later.
  5. i will buy 2gb more ram after few months.

    i will play all new games i missed: gta 4, mafia 2,assassins creed 2,crysis,GRID ...
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