Which card is superior -- 9800GTX or HD5770?

Which card is superior -- 9800GTX or HD5770?

Monitors native resolution is 2560x1600.
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  1. The 5770, but neither will be able to handle new games at your resolution
  2. +1, 5770 is similar to a 4870 which in turn is generally better than a 9800gtx. Gona need much more than a 5770 to game at decent settings and fps at 25x16 though.
  3. 5770 is much faster, but not enough for that resolution, as the other posters stated.
  4. Thanks for the responses. I went ahead and purchased the 5770. I should mention I wasn't planning on playing anything at that res... well maybe civ 4, but generally I stick to the monitors other native res of 1280x800. Regardless, its good to know that it will be somewhat of a step up.

    I am still curious, how is the "image quality" on the 5770, is there any note worthy difference between it and my crispy 9800gtx? I remember this being an issue way back when the geforce 3 came out compared to the radeons of the time.

  5. Image quality has been identical for the past few generations. In fact, ATi claims their latest driver release (Catalyst 10.6) has better image quality than the competition.
  6. Image quality has been a dead issue since like the GF6000/x1000 series.
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