Really Need Some Help

So i have been experiencing a problem with my decently new build PC.

What is happening is when launching a 3D application such as a game or sometimes even a media player video my computer will crash and a bunch of distorted colored dots appear then the comp shuts down reboots and before posting says that there was a "hyper transport sync flood error" after searching google for quite a while everyone was saying RAM voltage so i bumped it up a bit and it acted like it was fixed but then if i don't play a game for about 2-3 hours it crashes again, and give the same error! So i called a few comp shops around town and they all said GPU yet i can run a stress test using Furmark and let it run all day no crash no overheat!

My hardware config is

MSI 870-G45
AMD Phenom II X2 555 @ 4.0 GHZ (I have also tried running fail safe defaults same crash)
Nvidia GTX 280
PNY 4GB DDR3 1333
HAF 932 Case
800W 80+ Cert PSU
Corsair H50 CPU cooler double fan settup
2 250 GB WD HDD's in RAID 0

ANY input at all would be great i have always been able to diagnose most of my PC problems but this one has me stumped and thought that maybe by some chance someone would have some input!

If you have any further ?'s needed to help solve the problem please feel free to ask!
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  1. I would try running the 555 at stock settings for awhile, and see if your problem disappears. The H50 isn't the best cooler out there; folks use it as it's affordable and easier to install than some other water cooled systems.
  2. After searching on google for a few minutes, I found many threads and solved cases of this error and they were result of low voltages to the CPU and/or the RAM. Most of the issues were also on MSI boards, and a good bit were also on ASUS boards. According to those that I read, the boards were defaulting to voltages too low for the RAM in most cases. And in cases that it was CPU voltage that was too low, they were overclocking the CPU's. You are overclocking your CPU but you also said you tried fail safe defaults and received the same error. So, check PNY and see what the default voltage requirements are for your RAM and see if your board is supplying those voltages. If not, manually change the voltage parameters to the correct values and see if that helps. If it still does it, check your voltages on your CPU.
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