New build with GA-X58A-UD3R - phase leds on

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev. 2.0
Processor Intel I7-930 2.8 Ghrz
RAM DDR3 6GB 1333MHZ F3-10666CL9T-6GBNQ G.skill
power 600W EXTREME POWER CoolerMaster
Kingston SSDNow V100 Series 64GB
SSD 160Gb SATA (o SATA2) 72000rpm <- i want to boot win 7 64 from this one
HDD SATA3 500GB 7200RPM WD5000AAKX Western Digital *cache 16mb
Case HAF-912 black RC-912-KKN1 CoolerMaster

I think i wired everything properly, but since im new to this, and this is my first attempt to build my pc, i guess i must have overlooked something.

The symptoms: My pc does turn on, so does the fans and front leds and dvd writer, but makes not a single noise and a few leds in the motherboard which are described as the Phase LEDs turn on: a group related to the ram, and other to the cpu. The cpu group has 1 green 3 yellow and two reds; the ram has one green followed by another yellow, then another green and another yellow. Also, there is no video signal.

I took a few shots, so you can have a better idea of how looks everything

NOTE: I didnt connected cables to this, since i understood it was optional, and im not trying to overclock the system soon, since my priority is too be able to use my pc to work, mainly with video and photos.

the LEDs

everything looking more or less normal. the video card is ok: i tested it in another pc


hdd and ssd (i left the hdd unplugged, since i want to install windows 7 in the ssd)

SATA0 = SSD ; SATA1 = DVD writer; GSATA 3 = HDD (i avoided the gigabyte satas, since i read they have caused trouble to other users)

I tried removing two of the three rams, but the leds kept saying things i couldnt understand (what do the mean?!)

The front panel cables. i read that the triangle in the cables = positive charge, so i place them that way.

power cable 20+4 pins. i think its ok

Ram (2Gbx3)

Hope this helps you to help me find what i cand do and figure what went wrong. what i can do?
I hope it can be fixed :S i need it to work (so i can earn a few bucks to pay school, lol hahaha)!
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  1. RAM goes into blue slots. Did you plug in the PSU 8-pin connector?
  2. DXRick said:
    RAM goes into blue slots. Did you plug in the PSU 8-pin connector?

    Nope, ram goes in white slots according to the manual. the problem was i thought the 8 pin conector was optional, and didnt plugged it in its place. everything is going well, he.
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