How to get SSD to boot, but read and write from D drive

i have a 64gb SSD that i want to use to boot from. i have my windows 7 64bit professional installed on it, and all my drivers installed on it, but to see i only have 20gb of storage left. how can i get my computer to read and write to the 2tb HDD on drive D: automatically without manually setting every program i have to save to C: ?
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  1. You can't.
  2. ahnilated said:
    You can't.

    Yes You Can! :non:
  3. Follow the steps presented in the tutorial linked below. And you're all set! :)

    'How to: Setup SSD boot drive with secondary Hard disc optimization'
  4. lots of work for that :(

    I have a SSD as my C: and dual 1tb as D: and E:

    just have to remember to install stuff on D: E:
  5. You can set the default destination drive in your OS to the D drive. However it requires a registry edit and when doing so you need to follow the instructions carefully so as to not mess up the registry which will cause serious problems and you may be forced to reload Windows.
  6. (edit: chose to give some generic advice for helping solve your space crunch, I assume the above advice answers your original question)

    You can also manually move already installed programs by using mklink /d from the command prompt (running cmd as administrator). Move the program, while it is not running, to your HDD then "mklink /d C:\old_location D:\new_location". The same operation also works on the "steamapps" folder if you are a gamer, allowing you to have steam download games to your HDD by default; and you can use SteamMover (google it) to move games back and forth between the SSD and HDD.

    It's also possible to move your users/programData directories when installing windows:

    Lastly, many of the steps in this guide can significantly increase the free space on your boot drive:
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