WOW! Alienware is a total rip off!

Hi all, Im fairly new to building computers, Ive built about 4 total so far and I love it. For the first time, I thought I would see how much cheaper I can build a PC than a "top of line" vendor such as cough *alienware* cough. I ran down the specs for their most expensive pc, which of course STARTS at 3999.99. Well thats fine and dandy if they have the parts to back it up. I went through on newegg and picked comparable or better parts for every aspect of the machine. My total came to just under $1700.00.

I got that embarrassing feeling just looking at that number, like... can it really be? Are their margins so fat that idiots who invest in alienware are practically being robbed? I mean this is just laugh out loud redonkulous. Has anyone bought an alienware computer to only see the "truth" after about a 30 second visit to newegg? I just think its crazy that they even get away with it. Maybe its like a shirt or something, you literally get NO extra value except for the name it carries. Well just thought I would rant, no reply is needed.
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  1. i also realize the savings when building a high end computer rather than buying one.. other argue:

    1. They don't have to buy parts separately
    2. They don't have to do research
    3. They don't have to build it
    4. They don't have to fix it

    It's a matter of convenience really. They offer support and warranty (although some cases, the warranty provided on individuals parts may be longer than the warranty that alienware gives). They also provide an easy out for people who don't want to risk damaging expensive parts while putting their computer together. Also people who make a lot of money would rather pay the higher cost than research/buy/build.
  2. All that one is paying for, is for someone else to do the work.

    The other people who (should) feel as though they get ripped off paying what they do are the Mac addicts. They pay 3x as much, or more, for a machine that my 4 year old PC still runs circles around with the same, or better security and stability.
  3. Getting a high end system prebuilt is highway robbery, plain and simple. Their percent profit on each one increases as the value of the system goes up, they make a much larger percentage off of a $2000 build than they do off of a basic $400 office machine, but they sell so many more basic office machines that it evens out. It seems 1k builds tend to be around a 10% boost, while 2k is about 25% and 3k is close to 35-40%, and they get bulk buy discounts from their suppliers so it doesnt cost them nearly as much as if they had bought the parts off newegg.
  4. Very nice systems they are but use the force luke and build your own. Its cheaper
  5. ^+1
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