Water cooling

I will get this card soon

can you help me to know what water cooler I should buy and how to install ?

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  1. oh dear...

    First off I would recommend you look at a different card as that 280 is quite old and outdated...

    Secondly you need to do a lot of research about watercooling as its alot more complicated than air cooling, you could just buy a watercooling kit but they are generally rubbish and not worth the money.

    If you are going to go watercooling then do it properly and build your own loop...
  2. I will get it from a friend for $160 , good deal isn't it ?

    I have no experience with water cooler so please can you or any one help me out here ?
  3. bfg is out of grfx card market...
  4. mjsharma said:
    bfg is out of grfx card market...

    He's getting it from a friend...
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