ASUS P8Z68-V PRO - No hard disk is detected!

I built my computer on the weekend and everything is working great except for one small problem. When booting it will say:

Adapter 1 Disk Information: AHCI Mode
No hard disk is detected!

It will stay on that for half a second to a second and then reboot and almost instantly it will boot to windows.

My hard drive is installed on SATA3G_3. SATA6G_1 and SATA6G_2 are empty.

Any tips to resolve this issue would be great.

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  1. You need to give more info. Is the BIOS detecting the HDD? You should boot into the BIOS and see if it sees the HDD.
  2. That board has a Marvell SATA3 controller that controls the navy blue ports. If you don't have anything attached to those ports, you should disable the controller in the BIOS. That will eliminate any extra screens saying whatever isn't detected.
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